Citadel 2019

On Saturday evening, July 13, ILC teamed up with Citadel Theatre Company for a 5th consecutive year to illuminate their annual themed fundraiser, this year titled “A Royal Ball”. Over 450 guests dressed in ball gowns and black tie ascended onto the property of long time Citadel supporters, Nancy & Adrian Smith. World-renowned architect Adrian Smith has been renovating a 1930‘s David Adler mansion in Lake Forest, IL, for over a year and the Citadel Royal Ball brought the property back to life for the first time in over a decade. 

ILC began the load-in days before the event by installing the primary power distribution, which was a run of over 700’ of feeder cable from the home, where the main power service came in as 400a 3-Phase 120v/240v Delta. That service was distributed behind the tent for lighting, audio, video, and catering. With power coming from the utility, guests were not subjected to the rumble of generators during dinner, the live auction, and dancing. 

Lighting around the perimeter of the property and for the home was accomplished with 175 battery powered Elation Q5 Volt Outdoor Rated RGBW Floods. ILC has been using Volt’s since they were released and it was the ideal light for this project because it had enough battery power to last through several nights of level setting, focusing and the event itself. Equally as important, there are no obtrusive power or data cables to manage. Due to the scale of the property, lighting it with wired fixtures would have posed challenges with cables crossing pedestrian paths, including a pool deck where one of the bars was stationed. 

In the tent, Chauvet Ovations and Martin Aura XB’s were pole mounted for ceiling effects, stage lighting and dance floor effects. A ground package sat on GT truss behind the bandstand to elevate it, as well as provide wheels for the in and out, which required a 1000’ push from the front driveway to the back of the property. On that truss was more Aura XB’s on vertical booms and High End System’s Sola Frame 750’s for backlight and ceiling texture. Elation Q7 Outdoor RGBW Floods were used to light the perimeter of the tent and the top side. 

At the end of the night, the gala was the talk of the town and over a quarter million dollars was raised for this truly worthy cause!