Flight Paths

flight paths

Flight Paths is an art exhibit straddling the terminal walkway of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport between terminals A and B. The project, integrated by ILC, was recently awarded the 2017 CODAward by CODAWorx in the transportation category. This concept, originally designed by artist Steven Waldeck, was chosen as part of a open competition for airport improvements and modernizations. The exhibit takes passengers and airport customers on a walk through a virtual Georgia forest. In a short period of time, this exhibit has become one of the most photographed areas of ATL.

ILC partnered with SVI Themed Construction who fabricated the scenic elements of the exhibit with laser cut aluminum that were painted and coated to produce a desired level of lighting reflectivity while preserving their vibrant color. Above the scenic element, through holes in the canopy, SVI fabricated an aluminum frame that holds a articulating 4mm video wall installed by ILC. This creates the imagery of the sky, clouds and aviary life above the trees. The entire exhibit is lit from multiple angles including fixtures that sit in the foliage.

The exhibit is driven by a D3 4×4 Pro that serves as the hub bringing together audio, video and lighting elements. An Alcon McBride V4Pro Show Controller was used to handle the show management, and scheduling and interfaces with building automation systems. ETC Echo relay panels control the power for the system. Lighting fixtures from Color Kinetics, ETC and Ketra light the canopy from different directions. In several areas of the exhibit there are “rain showers” projected on the floor from Sony laser projectors.

ILC collaborated with John Featherstone and Lightswitch as the media designers and the creative consultant on the project. Prior to the installation in Atlanta, a scaled mockup was created at SVI Themed Construction to prove out the technology and design. Throughout the process the artist, Steven Waldeck worked hand in hand with the SVI, Lightswitch and ILC team. Matt Pearlman, Account Executive at ILC noted: “the collaboration on this project was intense and extremely productive. We all worked well together to solve problems and bring this project to life”.

The team worked through building this system in the midst of one of the busiest airports in North America. Most of the work took place at night. Matt Pearlman also commented “using the D3 was a lifesaver given how much pre-visualization we were able to do”. Please visit the exhibit and “take a walk in the woods” on your next visit to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.