ILC is pleased to announce, through a strategic partnership with High End Systems/Barco, the Hog 4 product is now in place for ILC’s production and rental customers.

MSI Transportation Gallery

The Transportation Gallery at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry is a world-renowned collection of exhibits showcasing the history and innovation of transportation in America. Exhibits include a scaled model of the Wright Brothers 1903 flyer, a United Airlines 727, various military aircraft, a diesel locomotive and “The Great Train Story”, a model of the train evolution between Chicago Illinois …

Troubleshooting a VL3000 That Won’t Strike

The VL3000 series of fixtures has a fairly simple lamp circuit, with several obvious places to check for trouble. If your fixture isn’t lamping on, there’s a few easy troubleshooting steps to take. Don’t just replace the lamp! Most of the time the failure is somewhere else, so there’s a few things to check first.

PowerRack-Innovation at the Core of the Lighting System


Power and Data distribution are at the core of every lighting system. Similar to your office internet connection or the pipes and wires in your house, we often take them for granted and in many cases don’t notice them until they don’t work properly. ILC believes that to play to win, we must supply our clients with best in class power …

Crew Picks – Tyler Ellis

Crew Picks Header

I was asked to write a ‘crew pick’ for a piece of equipment, which in an industry full of gear and gearheads could be a very broad, encompassing question or a snap-to answer depending on the day. Our trade has nuts, bolts, cables, trucks, computers and Rube-Goldberg contraptions we call lights, the catalog is huge and always changing. The best …

Tech that Tuesday: Pre-Tech

ILC is pleased to introduce Tech that Tuesday, a curated series of articles on lighting technology, maintenance and repair. The tech process is a very important part of ILC’s overall service. We hope this information is useful to all users of intelligent lighting products. In future articles, ILC’s repair team will be going through maintenance and service procedures for common …

LTC 2017 Announcement


ILC (Arlington Heights, IL) will be bringing back the Lighting Technology Chicago industry event in February of 2017. The dates for the event are February 1st and 2nd. Taking place in Arlington Heights at the company’s 42,000 square foot facility, the event brings lighting technology from across the industry together with users.

ColorForce II

ColorForce ii

ILC is pleased to announce our partnership with AC Lighting and Chroma-Q to bring Colorforce II linear LED fixture to our product portfolio. Colorforce II is a linear fixture that is 50% or more brighter than its predecessor. Available in 12 inch, 48 inch and 72 inch models the fixture packs incredible power with vivd, bright colors across a wide gamut. Colorforce …

GT Truss Product Feature

Product Feature GT Truss

GT Truss is a revolutionary product that is improving both the entertainment rigging industry but also the gear storage and transportation business. GT Truss is manufactured by Tyler Truss, an industry leader for rigging products and services. GT truss is a pre-rigged truss product designed specifically for intelligent lighting fixtures. Available in a variety of sizes from 2ft to 10ft and available with accessories including swivel-able connection forks that …